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RESTORE - Collagen

RESTORE - Collagen

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Elevate your well-being with WizeApe's RESTORE - Collagen vitamin inhaler. Crafted to rejuvenate from within, this inhaler infuses you with the power of Collagen and an invigorating blend of essential ingredients. Collagen, known for its skin-firming and anti-aging properties, takes center stage, enhancing your natural radiance and vitality. Glutathione, L-Carnitine, b-Ionone, and Geranium join forces to boost your energy, clarify your focus, and support your overall wellness.

Inhale the future of wellness with RESTORE - Collagen. Each breath invites you to embrace a healthier lifestyle, effortlessly integrating nourishment into your daily routine. Experience the transformation within and radiate confidence with WizeApe's RESTORE - Collagen vitamin inhaler.

Collagen (157mg)
Glutathione (1.5mg)
L-Carnitine (3mg)
b-Ionone (1.25mg)
Geranium (2.5mg)
Natural Flavors:

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