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Unlock your potential with WizeApe's BOOST vitamin inhaler. Formulated with invigorating Vitamin B12, this inhaler is designed to increase your stamina and mental clarity. Say goodbye to fatigue and welcome increased productivity and focus into your daily routine. With BOOST inhaler, you'll be ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

With WizeApe's vitamin inhalers, you can effortlessly integrate wellness into your daily routine, enhancing your healthy lifestyle and overall well-being. Choose the inhaler that aligns with your needs and embrace the benefits of a WizeApe lifestyle today.

Vitamin B12 (12mcg)
Vitamin B6 (3mg)
L-Theanine (157mcg)
L-Lysine (157mcg)
Taurine (1.57mg)
Natural Flavors: 
Wild Berry

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