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SOOTHE – Melatonin (GRAND SALE 50% OFF) :]*

SOOTHE – Melatonin (GRAND SALE 50% OFF) :]*

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Indulge in a tranquil slumber with WizeApe's SOOTH vitamin inhaler. Crafted with the soothing properties of Melatonin, this inhaler promotes relaxation and improved sleep quality. Let go of the day's stress and embrace restful nights with the help of SOOTH inhaler, supporting your commitment to a healthy and well-rested lifestyle.

With WizeApe
's vitamin inhalers, you can effortlessly integrate wellness into your daily routine, enhancing your healthy lifestyle and overall well-being. Choose the inhaler that aligns with your needs and embrace the benefits of a WizeApe lifestyle today.

Melatonin (157 mg)
Passionflower (157 mg)
Chamomile (157 mcg)
Valerian Root (157 mcg)
L-Theanine (157 mcg)
Natural Flavors:
Mandarin Orange
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