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VITAL- Vitamin C (GRAND SALE 50% OFF) :]=

VITAL- Vitamin C (GRAND SALE 50% OFF) :]=

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Embrace the power of Vitamin C with WizeApe's VITAL vitamin inhaler. Packed with essential nutrients, this inhaler supports your immune system, helping you stay strong and resilient. Perfect for health-conscious individuals, VITAL inhaler delivers the goodness of Vitamin C in a refreshing and easy-to-use form, promoting overall well-being.

With WizeApe
's vitamin inhalers, you can effortlessly integrate wellness into your daily routine, enhancing your healthy lifestyle and overall well-being. Choose the inhaler that aligns with your needs and embrace the benefits of a WizeApe lifestyle today.

Co-Enzyme Q10 (157mg)
Vitamin C (95mg)
Vitamin D3 (16mcg)
Vitamin B12 (12mcg)
Vitamin A (12mcg)
Natural Flavors:
Zesty Mint

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